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About Us

Meet the experts proud to serve Colorado's heroes

Our Mission

Front Range Heroes strives to make the home buying process easier and more affordable for the heroes in our Colorado communities. We’re honored to serve our neighbors who devote their lives making Colorado a better place. 

Meet Our Group of Experts

With over 50 years of combined experience and 100% commitment to exceeding your expectations, we’re here to serve you!

Seth Erickson

I’ve loved every minute of the 17 years I’ve been in mortgage lending, after serving in United States Navy right out of high school. Home ownership is important to me, a milestone I want to help others achieve every chance I get. I’m also passionate about public service, community, and advocating for affordable housing and quality medical care for our military veterans.

I have strong memories of my mother working herself to the bone as a nurse to be able to provide for our family of 4, all by herself. Back then, no groups like Front Range Heroes existed to help her become a home owner, so after years of renting (and living in our pastor’s camper trailer for a while) and saving every rare extra penny she could tuck away, my mom was finally able to purchase a small 2-bedroom home for us with a modest down payment. I didn’t understand the difference between renting and owning back then, but I understood how important this was to her and how excited she was when she was handed the keys. It wasn’t just a place to sleep at night, it was HOME for her family. These days she is providing hospice care for my grandfather. My mom is a hero who has dedicated her life to taking care of others, but she didn’t have anyone to help her on that home buying journey.

I want to give back and help the very neighbors, friends, and family members who stabilize our communities and selflessly protect us, heal us, teach us, and save us when called upon to do so, just like my mom has done her entire life. That’s why I partnered with David to create Front Range Heroes.

I appreciate you! You and your family can count on me to always have your interests and goals in mind as I help you navigate the loan process. I intend to exceed your expectations in every possible way!

Senior Mortgage Adviser
Guardian Mortgage
Phone: 720-728-9676

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J. David Lampe

I’m honored to help heroes with one of the largest, most complex transactions of their lives. I enjoy providing support and guidance throughout every transaction. Whether I’m working with buyers or sellers, my team and I work to make every step predictable, easy to understand and as stress-free as possible. I have had an interest in real estate since I was a teenager and my parents were buying and selling real estate. I’ve lived in the Denver area my whole life and am an expert on Metro Denver neighborhoods.

I’m happy that I’m able to provide exceptional service and financial incentives to people who contribute so much to our communities. My mother was a teacher for her entire career – first in Jefferson County and then in Fairbanks, Alaska. Several of my family members have served in the military including my grandfather who served in World War II. I also have family members who have been firefighters as well as volunteers for various organizations. I’ve worked with buyers and sellers who are veterans, police officers, teachers, nurses, doctors and other heroes. I have a deep respect for the commitment and sacrifice that those who serve our communities give.

I offer sellers a free, no-obligation, home valuation service to help you decide if now is a good time to sell. I also offer a complimentary home analysis service where I come to your home and provide you with a list of recommended improvements to get your house ready to sell for top dollar. Buyers have access to my unique VIP Colorado Home Finder Service. If you don’t have a lot of time or are relocating to the Denver area, I can preview homes for you, provide you with photos and a report for each property, and then show you only the homes that are closest to what you are looking for. Contact me to get started on your Denver home search today.

The Principal Team – Metro Brokers
Phone: 720-408-7409

Brian Coram

Welcome to The Springs!

I’ve lived in the Colorado Springs area for over 20 years and love calling it home. 

I started my career in the Counseling field and now utilize the same skills in the Real Estate world! I bring to the table a combination of consultation, negotiation, humor and movie references. Each day, I look forward to meeting new people and creating relationships that last long beyond the real estate process.

Having held a license in school counseling, I am well aware of how hard teachers and others in education work to support children. Both of my parents have served our country (Army and Air Force) as well as one of my brothers, so I’ve been surrounded by heroes my entire life. Now I am excited to give back to the heroes around me!

My passion lies in helping others to achieve their goals. An ultimate goal of mine is to become a real world superhero by practicing acts of radical altruism and random acts of kindness. Each year my family and I run an annual card drive to support the kids of St. Jude Children’s Hospital. It is largely a kid-led activity that we all support to completion. 

I would be honored to help you find your Dream Home in Colorado Springs!

Broker Associate
The Cutting Edge Realtors
Phone: 719-460-7648

Chaz Osen

As a US Navy veteran and an insurance broker for a Colorado-based company, I am proud to help give back to fellow veterans and other community heroes in Colorado, offering them peace of mind and helping them protect what might be the biggest investment they ever make.

In the neighborhood where I currently reside a home caught on fire due to embers not being full ‘out’ before the family went to sleep that night.  The majority of the home was ruined and needed repairs, cleaning, and brought back up to code in order to be considered a livable property again.  The homeowners were eventually ‘scammed’ out of their insurance money where a contractor took the money and was never to be seen again.  The community then raised money for the home to be repaired and put back together so the family could then regain a sense of normalcy and start the process of returning to their daily lives.  THIS is why I am passionate about insurance. 

Having the resources and a team to assist me in the insurance process for my clients provides me the added benefits of knowing that through the excitement of someone purchasing a home, I get to provide the solace and comfort of knowing their property(s) are safe, secure, and have the best team to support their needs during any time throughout their lives.   I am blessed to be surrounded with a great support system at Colorado Insurance, included a team of underwriters, service specialists, and customer representatives from the carriers I source insurance from have given me an endless platform for opportunities I can provide to my clients.

Insurance Agent
Colorado Insurance
Phone: 303-917-0476

Tamera and Russell LaPlante

I am co-owner and Certified Master Inspector of Perspective Property Inspections, LLC
with over 13 years of experience in the property inspection field. As a veteran myself, I
am focused and committed to helping veterans understand the importance of choosing
and maintaining their investment in home ownership. My service in the United States Air
Force took be to Germany. I spent 3 1/2 years overseas and helped me mature into the
professional today. My training as an Aerospace Ground Equipment Mechanic (AGE)
provided many base skills and experiences that extend into my career as a property
inspection professional. AGE mechanics maintained a wide range of systems such as
air conditioners (C-10’s), heating, hydraulics (MULES), generators (-60’s), and engines
from small jet to gas and diesel. I am proud and fortunate to help all veterans on one of
the most important investments in their lifetime. As a wife and mother, I know the
importance in making sure all current and future home owners are taken care of
throughout ownership and investments.

I am co-owner and Certified Property Inspector of Perspective Property Inspections,
LLC with over 2 years of experience in the property inspection field. Prior to joining
Tamera full time as an inspector, I spent 20+ years in computer and technology
services. I am also certified by AARST-NRPP for radon testing and perform sewer main
line inspections. As a veteran and partner in Perspective Property Inspections, I am also
focused and committed to helping veterans understand the importance of choosing and
maintaining their investment in home ownership. My service in the United States Air
Force took be to Germany where Tamera and I met and worked together. My training
as an Aerospace Ground Equipment Mechanic (AGE) provided many base skills and
experiences that extend into my career as a property inspection professional. AGE
mechanics maintained a diverse range of systems such as air conditioners, heating,
hydraulics, generators, and engines from small jet to gas and diesel. I am proud and
fortunate to help veterans on one of the most important investment in their lifetime.

Certified Master Inspector
Perspective Property Solutions
Phone: 720-221-3669

What our clients are saying

I truly felt that I was being cared for not just as a client but as a friend. Seth kept me updated daily and worked extremely hard to make sure everything went smoothly and it did. 

Colin B.

We really enjoyed working with David. Past communication issues with other realtors was a concern we had and David put our fears to rest. His ability to communicate fully, timely, and respectfully is the main reason we chose David as our Realtor and why we did not hesitate to recommend him to a friend.

Darrell and Heather Jacobs

I truly felt that I was being cared for not just as a client but as a friend. Seth kept me updated daily and worked extremely hard to make sure everything went smoothly and it did. 

Colin B.

We have been working with David Lampe for 5 years and are very satisfied with his expertise and service.
David is simply an amazing real estate agent. He quickly finds a solution to any problems. He is very efficient with every aspect of the sale. This is our sixth real estate contract with David. His performance is consistently excellent.

Helen T.

Seth made it easy! The process was great from start to finish. The loan processor was helpful, too. We closed faster than anticipated and I always knew what was going on with my application during the process. 

Tim H.

Working with David was truly amazing! He was very attentive and available to answer any and all questions throughout the entire process, he went above and beyond our e expectations and made buying our first home an easy as truly enjoyable process.

Rebecca Quintal

I would strongly recommend David to anyone looking to buy or sell a home. It's such a stressful experience and he navigates it beautifully. He not only helped me sell my home in a softening market but also helped me find a new one in just days. My new home is everything I was looking for and I was able to purchase it without any hassle. I trust David implicitly. Buying and selling real estate is one of the most stressful experiences in life. I am always grateful to have David by my side. I have trusted him for years and never once been disappointed. David Lampe is my realtor. No need to ever use anyone else when you have the best already.

Brian DeCock

My family and I just completed a relocation from Maryland to Colorado and Seth was fantastic. Incredibly helpful, detailed oriented and thorough. He made what could have been a painful process painless. We would highly recommend his services.

N. Heagerty

We just love David! We really enjoyed working with him. 

David helped us buy a 4-bedroom home for only $1,650 down! We used a down payment grant program and David helped us get a $5,000 seller concession to help pay the remainder of our closing costs. This allowed us to buy a home with almost no money down. 
We didn't want to end up with a home we couldn't afford. That didn't happen! David respected our price limits and only showed us homes within our budget. We are able to afford our home perfectly! 

We loved David's attention to detail and the way he was always very honest instead of trying to act like a potential problem didn't exist. He actually pointed out potential problems to us we had not yet noticed. 

You are just going to love working with David, he is thoroughly prepared and provides you with lots of helpful information and is not pushy. We highly recommend David to all our friends, family and colleagues.

Amy and Brian Pohl

Seth was amazing to work with. He was extremely knowledgeable, very patient, detailed oriented, responsive and made the process as stress-free as possible. We would happily work with Seth again and recommend him to friends and family.

NeRissa H.