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How does the *Hero Care Package* work?

Simply let us help you buy your dream home as your Realtor and your lender, and we’ll save you money. That’s it! There’s no income limit for Front Range Heroes incentives, and you don’t have to demonstrate financial need to get them. All Colorado homes are eligible. You’ll receive the incentives at closing, and they can be used towards closing costs, points to buy down your interest rate, taxes, insurance, etc. The only limitation as a buyer is you cannot use the incentives towards your down payment, per lending regulations. You can even stack these with seller-paid closing costs that are negotiated by your real estate agent. Our home buying clients often pay $0 in closing costs! On the seller side, expect to save around 69% over a typical real estate agent’s 3.2% listing fee.

What makes you different from the others who claim to offer heroes help?

So much! As a local team of military veterans with family and friends who are veterans, nurses, fire fighters, and educators, we genuinely care about serving our community heroes. The rebates and lender credits we offer come directly from our commissions, not a third party company, and you don’t have to wait until weeks after your loan closing to get a “Rewards” check (while fronting thousands of dollars for your closing). We work as a team, so you won’t run into the common issue of your REALTOR® and lender not being familiar with each other, which can slow down the process or interfere with negotiations. You’re not assigned to us on a round-robin basis. We offer more discounted local services than anyone else, and we offer incentives when you sell your house, too, not just when you buy. Check our blog post comparing Front Range Heroes and Homes for Heroes.

I am retired. Am I eligible for FRH incentives?

Yes, for the most part. If you had a Hero job you retired from, or served in the military or a civil service program, or if you ever volunteered for a cause that mattered to you, then YES, you are eligible for the real estate rebate! Retired military are eligible for both rebates. Tell us about your experience and we’ll go from there.

Can I get the incentives both for selling my current house and buying a new one?

As long as both properties are in Colorado, YES! By all means, double dip and take advantage of the savings (as well as the efficiency) Front Range Heroes offers when you sell your home AND when you buy your new home. We’re adding real estate agents in other states who will help you save money when you buy a home! 

I’m active-duty military and I’m transferring to Colorado in the future. Can you help me?

Yes! Guardian Mortgage is one of Colorado’s most trusted VA lenders and we often work with service members who are on a PCS transfer to Colorado. Having a local lender is critical when it comes to VA home buyers in our market, and having a real estate agent who has lots of PCS experience is a must. Our mortgage adviser, Seth Erickson, is a Navy veteran and has worked with veterans for nearly 20 years. You can do virtually everything remotely, including E-signing most of the paperwork, viewing homes, and wiring deposits. We’re a team of veterans who understand the stress of a PCS move and will make the process easier and more affordable for you, and we’ll save you a lot more money than any of the online lenders like USAA or Veterans United.

What kinds of loan programs are available to Front Range Heroes?

Although VA loans are our specialty, Guardian Mortgage is a direct Fannie/Freddie lender, and can offer you virtually every conventional or government loan program that exists on the market. We offer special First Time Home buyer programs that pair nicely with the incentives, and even bond loans (down payment assistance) like CHFA are available to Front Range Heroes (the lender credit is not available when using CHFA or Jumbo financing, but you will get the realtor rebate). Guardian Mortgage services its own loans and offers “outside the box” loan options, too.

Can I take advantage of these incentives if my home is not on the Front Range?

Yes! If your house search is not on the Front Range, we will refer you to a real estate agent in your area who will offer the same Realtor and lender incentives. Your lender incentives are not impacted by the location of your new home, as long as it’s in Colorado. We’re adding agents outside of Colorado, too. They may offer a different incentive. 

I’m already pre-approved for a loan with another lender. Can I get the Hero Care Package?

You bet! We’d love to offer you a comparison quote and show you how much you can save by working with us. You are not obligated to use that lender who pre-approved you. We’re pretty sure we can save you a lot of money over that lender, and close your loan quickly, too. If you have already signed a contract with a REALTOR®, we won’t be able to offer you that rebate, but we will still offer the lender credit and other discounts. And it’s not just about the savings – our process is remarkably more customer-friendly than most of the lenders in Colorado. You can close quickly and with much less hassle than you’ll find at pretty much any big bank or online lender.

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