Front Range Heroes

Refinance Your Mortgage - Get a $1,500 Lender Credit!*

Seth Erickson at Planet Home Lending can help you refinance your current mortgage! Current interest rates are historically low. But there are many reasons you might consider refinancing your current mortgage that go beyond obtaining a lower interest rate or lower monthly payment.

      Why refinance?

  • Lower your monthly payment
  • Take advantage of current lower interest rates
  • Remove Private Mortgage Insurance
  • Switch from a program like FHA to conventional and drop the monthly insurance payment
  • Take out equity for repairs or home improvement projects, or to buy another property, land, or invest in a business venture
  • Consolidate multiple mortgages into one
  • Drop the amortization from 30 years to a lower term and save thousands on interest
  • Divorce/separation
  • Remove a co-signer from the mortgage
  • Know that your loan will not be sold – Planet Home Lending services its loans and you’ll always have one local point of contact!

Ready to refinance?
Apply Here or Contact Us for more information.

*All eligible heroes will receive a $1,500 lender credit to be applied towards standard loan closing costs/prepaids on any refinance closed with our mortgage adviser, Seth Erickson at Planet Home Lending. Additional lender credits may be available.