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Steps to Saving on Your New Home

Whether you’re buying or selling, we promise to save you a lot of money. 

We’re a Realtor and Lender team that genuinely appreciates our hero clients, so we give back by sharing our commission with you when you buy a home. Your closing costs will be low or perhaps even $0!

Selling a home? We’ll help you with that for just a flat 1% commission, a 69% discount from your typical full service agent’s fee of 3.2% (even lower than Redfin’s 1.5% listing, and we do double the work for you)!

The incentives come directly from our commissions and are paid to you at closing. This is our way of giving back to our neighborhood heroes! We partner with trusted small businesses in the Denver area who offer discounts to our clients, too. Check out our FAQ to learn more.   

Partner with us and we promise that you’ll save money, time, and effort, with no strings attached. 


Like details? Here’s an overview of the entire process. No surprises, just savings! 

Complete a free mortgage application and get pre-approved for financing with Seth Erickson at Guardian Mortgage. Determine the best mortgage program for your needs (we’ll help you choose) and receive an estimate of your interest rate, closing costs, and monthly payment details. Your Front Range Heroes incentives will be clearly explained to you, and you’ll see them in writing on an estimate. You’ll also receive a full pre-approval letter that shows sellers and listing agents how strong your offer is, making you stand out from the other home buyers you’re competing against who have basic pre-qualification letters. If you’re not ready to buy and just have questions, we can help you lay the foundation. 

Chat with your REALTOR®, David Lampe, and start searching for your new home. David will set up a custom search on the MLS for you, and may be able to show you properties that aren’t even on the market yet. In the meantime, use our built-in MLS property search to find y our dream home! Visit properties in person with David, and receive statistics and demographics about the neighborhoods you’re interested in. Once you find a home you want to make an offer on, David will negotiate on your behalf to get you the best deal possible. He might even be able to get the seller to pay closing costs or points for you (assuming you have any after our incentives are applied)! You’ll provide a deposit and will now be under contract on your new home. Awesome! 

Once you’re under contract, it will be time to discuss locking your interest rate with Seth and complete the rest of your loan process. You’ll receive official loan disclosures that outline everything you need to know about your loan costs. When the loan process is complete, we’ll send you all the final figures for your closing, so you can make financial arrangements for your closing. 

Make sure you order a home and radon inspection from Tamera & Russell LaPlante at Perspective Property Inspections. They’ll help you understand if there are any safety issues or items that are in need of repair that demand immediate attention, and you’ll get a discount on their services!

Get a homeowners insurance quote from Chaz at Colorado Insurance. He’ll help you find the best rates so you can protect your new investment affordably. Ask him about bundle discounts!

When Closing Day arrives, you’ll sign documents and pick up your keys. We’ll be there with you to make sure everything goes smoothly. 

That’s it! You did it! Move in to your new home and take pride in the money you saved through Front Range Heroes!

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