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We're Honored to Serve You

If you’re a hero, we hope you’ll honor us by letting us go to work for you and save you money.  Don’t see your job title below? Ask us!


Active Duty Military & Veterans

You understand service and sacrifice. You volunteered to protect our freedoms and defend our nation. Whether you’re currently serving or you’re a veteran, we thank you! It’s time for some R&R from being a hero. We’ve got the perfect prescription for your home buying ills, and we promise it’s better than water and Motrin. We’re prepared to help you achieve home ownership while savings thousands of dollars. Our goal for veterans is always $0 down, $0 paid in closing costs. You’ve earned it. Ready to get started?

Active Duty Military | Veterans | National Guard | Surviving Spouses

Healthcare Professionals

You put in well over 40 hours per week saving lives, healing the sick, and providing compassionate care to those who need it most. Always on call, always ready to take care of those in your community. No matter where you fall on the health care profession spectrum, we believe you’re a vital asset to your community. Will you take a break from being a hero and let us take care of you for a change? Our scrip will save you thousands when you buy or sell a home!

Physicians | Registered Nurses | CNA/LPN | Chiropractors | Physical Therapists | Personal Trainers | Therapists | Pharmacists/Techs | Technicians | Dentists/Hygienists | Radiology Techs | Speech Pathologists | Nutritionists | Optometrists | Psychiatrists | Home Health Aides | Physician Assistants | Veterinarians | 


Where would we be without you? We believe our teachers are the backbone of our society. No matter what you teach or at what level, including tutors and homeschool parents, please set aside those essays you are grading; put down that macaroni and Elmer’s glue masterpiece you’re hanging up on the wall. Please put the daily heroics on hold for a few minutes and get some help! Here’s your homework assignment: Calculate how much you’ll save when you buy or a sell a home with us, and reach out to us to get started! 

Teachers | Professors | Counselors | Guidance Counselors | Tutors | Home School Parents | School Administrators | Special Education | Youth Sports Coaches | Vocational Instructors | Music Tutors

Law Enforcement, Firefighters and EMS Personnel

Not every hero wears a cape! It’s more than a job, we know. You save our lives, protect us and help to keep order in a crazy world. We thank you for putting our lives ahead of your own and being a hero each and every day. We hope you’ll let us save you thousands when you buy or sell your home. Take a breather. Are you ready to get started?

Police Officers | Sheriff/Deputies | State Patrol | Search & Rescue | Fire Fighters | Dispatchers | Paramedics/EMT | Social Workers | Grief Counselors | Detectives | CSI | Corrections | Parks & Wildlife 


“What is the essence of life? To serve others and to do good.”   – Aristotle

You help and give back to your community without a paycheck, and often without recognition. If you spend time volunteering for a cause that’s important to you and impacts the lives of others, we want to help you! Let us know how you serve your community and we’ll proudly serve you in return. 

Hospice Care Providers | After School Programs | Youth Sports Coaches | At Risk Youth | Big Brothers Big Sisters | Animal Welfare | Search and Rescue | Neighborhood Watch | Meals on Wheels | Homeless Care | Red Cross | Peace Corps | Habitat for Humanity | Junior Achievement | Veteran Advocacy

*Due to Fair Lending Law, some occupations listed on this page may not be eligible for the Lender Credit portion of the Hero Care Package (up to $1,500 of the total amount). We’ll discuss this with you upfront.