Home Buyers and Sellers Save Thousands at Closing

235 heroes have saved $949,870

 $6,030 average savings when buying or selling a home

Keep more of your hard-earned money in your pocket!

What is Front Range Heroes?

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Giving Back To Those Who Serve

As a veteran, you have served our country with honor and distinction, and we believe that you deserve the very best when it comes to buying or selling a home. You understand service and sacrifice. You volunteered to protect our freedoms and defend our nation. Whether you’re currently serving or you’re a veteran, we thank you! It’s time for some R&R from being a hero. We’ve got the perfect prescription for your home buying or selling ills, and we promise it’s better than 800mg of Vitamin M and Limited Duty. We’re prepared to help you achieve home ownership while savings thousands of dollars. When buying, our goal for veterans is always $0 down, $0 paid in closing costs. When selling, we will save you thousands of dollars in real estate commission. You’ve earned it. 

Front Range Heroes helps – Active-Duty Military | Veterans | National Guard | Surviving Spouses

Learn how much you will save buying or selling a home with Front Range Heroes.

You put in well over 40 hours per week saving lives, healing the sick, and providing compassionate care to those who need it most. Always on call, always ready to take care of those in your community. No matter where you fall on the health care profession spectrum, we believe you’re a vital asset to your community. We recognize the incredible sacrifices that healthcare heroes make, and we are committed to supporting you when buying or selling a home. That’s why our team helps you pay your closing costs when you buy and saves you thousands of dollars in real estate commissions when you sell. Will you take a break from being a hero and let us take care of you for a change? Our scrip will save you thousands when you buy or sell a home!

We serve healthcare professionals – Physicians | Registered Nurses | CNA/LPN | Chiropractors | Physical Therapists | Personal Trainers | Therapists | Pharmacists/Techs | Technicians | Dentists/Hygienists | Radiology Techs | Speech Pathologists | Nutritionists | Optometrists | Psychiatrists | Home Health Aides | Physician Assistants | Veterinarians

Learn how much you will save buying or selling a home with Front Range Heroes.

Where would we be without you? We believe our teachers are the backbone of our society. Educators play a critical role in shaping the future of our communities and our country. We recognize the tremendous contribution that educators make, and we are committed to supporting them when it’s time to buy or sell a home. No matter what you teach or at what level, including tutors and homeschool parents, please set aside those essays you are grading; put down that macaroni and Elmer’s glue masterpiece you’re hanging up on the wall. Here’s your homework assignment: Calculate how much you’ll save when you buy or a sell a home with us, and reach out to us to get started! 

We save educators thousands of dollars when they buy or sell – Teachers | Professors | Counselors | Guidance Counselors | Tutors | Home School Parents | School Administrators | Special Education | Youth Sports Coaches | Vocational Instructors | Music Tutors

Learn how much you will save buying or selling a home with Front Range Heroes.

Not every hero wears a cape! It’s more than a job, we know. You save our lives, protect us and help to keep order in a crazy world. We thank you for putting our lives ahead of your own and being a hero each and every day. First responders help us in times of need, and we want to help them when it comes time to buy or sell a home. We hope you’ll let us save you thousands of dollars when you buy or sell your home. Take a breather. Are you ready to get started?

Front Range Heroes gives back to – Police Officers | Sheriff/Deputies | State Patrol | Search & Rescue | Fire Fighters | Dispatchers | Paramedics/EMT | Social Workers | Grief Counselors | Detectives | CSI | Corrections | Parks & Wildlife 

Learn how much you will save buying or selling a home with Front Range Heroes.

No Strings Attached

Heroes who work with our Realtor and lender to buy or sell a home end up with thousands of dollars more in the bank. Or, you can use an agent or lender who doesn’t give back to heroes and pay thousands more (and risk not having the most experienced professionals on your team). 

Front Range Heroes doesn’t charge any hidden fees. Our mission is to give back to heroes – no ifs, ands, or buts.

Choose Front Range Heroes when buying, selling or refinancing a home, and you’ll get the best possible experience while saving a lot of money, no strings attached.

How Much Will I Save?
When I buy a home with Front Range Heroes¹

What do I get?

  • A commission rebate from your Realtor, applied towards your closing costs
  • A Lender Credit applied towards your closing costs
  • Sell your Denver area home for 1% listing commission
  • A Lender Credit when you refinance
  • The best home buying or selling experience possible


Dalton & Jordan
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"David Lampe is the single best realtor we could have asked for in this wild market. From making long trips to homes a distance away, to writing our offers up in as little as ten minutes, David is one of the primary reasons we closed on our beautiful home. He also participates in the Front Range Heroes broker rebate program, and will assist with the closing costs of veterans, healthcare workers, teachers, and most kinds of public servants. This is a man who cares about his community and is genuinely interested in making you a permanent member of it. I cannot recommend David's services enough. If you are looking for an agent to represent you, contact him today!!!"
Ryan B
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"This was our first time buying a house, and Seth definitely helped ease our concerns about what to expect. He did a great job staying in touch through-out the process. Saying we’d recommend him to friends isn’t an exaggeration since we’ve already recommended him to any of my wife’s coworkers that are looking at buying a house."
Richard and Lillian P
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"David was a joy to work with. His knowledge and experience was evident from our first meeting and he exceeded our expectations throughout the process. Our house was initially listed as a “Coming Soon” property on Zillow as we readied it for sale. We actually received and accepted a full price offer before it went on the MLS. We believe David’s insight as to where our price point should be relative to competing homes for sale gave us the advantage we needed for a quick and easy sale. Finally, his listing fee of 1% saved us thousands in commissions with absolutely no sacrifice in services."
Dan L
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"Brian assisted me with a purchase as a first-time homebuyer where I eventually settled into a single-family home in Claremont Ranch. He works with both The Cutting Edge Realtors as well as a team called Front Range Heroes; look them up! Since he's a native of Colorado Springs, he has great knowledge about the different areas and sides of town. Brian's quite straight-forward, meaning, I got the impression that he told me things like they were, rather than speaking out of fear just to impress me or get a sale. His realism is admired just as much as his responsiveness. Once my offer was accepted, the closing process went quite smoothly; I never felt like I was alone or in the dark throughout the journey. I highly recommend Brian Coram as your next realtor!"
Jennifer S
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"Tori is fantastic! We've bought and sold many homes, but this was our first purchase in Colorado. We were referred to Tori through my new boss, who knew we had very high standards for a real estate professional. She both met and exceeded them. Not knowing exactly where we wanted to land, she took the time to show us so many properties and educate us on the areas/neighborhoods. We weren't successful in finding the right home while we were in person, but Tori got such a clear feel for what we did like, that we were able to do a Zoom walk-through and knew we could trust her opinion. So we bought a home without stepping foot in the door, and we couldn't love it more. She 100% understood us! She made the process so seamless, and with her partnership with Front Range Heroes and honoring of my husband's military service, she saved us a TON of money! She is the best, and I cannot recommend her enough!"
Allen H
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"David’s services were an outstanding value for the 1% commission he charges. I’ve done many real estate deals throughout Colorado in the last 10 years, and I can say, David doesn’t skimp on service. Not only is this the lowest commission I’ve paid, the service and expertise I received from David is probably the best and highest I’ve ever received. I highly recommend David. Frankly I’ve never understood why other realtors get such high commissions on real estate transaction. David’s pricing structure will hopefully lead other brokers to more sane pricing."
David H
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"Seth is easy to talk to, incredibly knowledgeable, and incredibly proactive. He spent hours on the phone throughout our entire shopping, buying and closing process explaining nuances of loans, rates, and terms to us, helped us lock in the best interest rate we possibly could have hoped for, and felt like a friend throughout the entire process. I highly recommend him to anyone who is new to this process. And even more so if you are a veteran… since he can relate to your specific circumstances and truly advise you based on your financial circumstances. We could not have wished for a better lender and realtor team. Then there’s is the amount of money he saved us (several thousand). This is not normal…. It is exceptional. We saved over $6000 that we had to bring to the table at closing thanks to his program and his passion. This was our first time buying a home, and I am blown away by how amazing he and our realty team made this process for us!"
Andrew G
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"Seth provided awesome communication with all parties throughout the entire process. Ours was a VA loan, so a bit more laborious than a conventional mortgage, but Seth got us through close in just 15 days after going under contract! As an added bonus, their Front Range Heroes program saved us a LOT of money. Awesome experience and I would highly recommend him."
Shevene C
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"Seth’s patience , transparency, professionalism and knowledge made my mortgage shopping an easy decision ! I originally reached out long before actually taking the steps and not once was I blown off even though I kept asking questions but wasn’t making moves. When I was finally ready to , Seth picked up right where we left off and worked to get me closed in record time! I highly recommend Seth and his team!"
Tom C
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"A basic inquiry about the Colorado housing market more than a year ago is now a true friendship rooted in trust and integrity. Seth Erickson never pushed or prodded or tried to sell to me. Instead, his professional knowledge and experience served to guide me carefully through what is typically a complex and stressful process. Despite COVID challenges, mortgage rate volatility, low housing inventories and high lumber prices, Seth managed to keep our budget and our timeline on track. We now have a brand new home, a mortgage rate under 3% and we received cash back at closing. Thanks to Seth for caring and actually giving back."
Amber H
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"Brian is the best agent ever! As first-time home buyers, we were nervous and didn't know where to begin. Brian guided us the whole way and made the process as easy and stress free as possible. He genuinely cares about his clients and communication was on point. Brian is incredibly intuitive and knowledgeable. He will definitely help you get the perfect home to meet your family's needs now and in the future. Thank you, Brian!!"
Lisa O
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"Finding the right home for my family was challenging but David provided exceptional guidance and patience during our search for a new home. He was an excellent listener and really zeroed in on my wants and needs. He found so many possible homes in my price range, I was thrilled. He really understood the needs of my family and only showed us homes that would work for us. I loved looking at homes with David! I can't imagine a more perfect home now. I would recommend David in a heartbeat. He got the job done and I love my new home."
Tim B
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"Seth was awesome throughout the entire refi process. He communicated with my wife and I every step of the way. Answered every question thoroughly and with expert knowledge. I would highly recommend Seth for any refi and encourage everyone to take a look at current interest rates right now especially if you qualify for VA and contact Seth. I like that he is former military and actually goes the extra mile in supporting the military here in Colorado. Great guy, great experience."
Ron & Cynthia T
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"We are a return client of David Lampe and the Principal Team because David had previously demonstrated to us his combination of real estate expertise, energy, and patience in getting the job done. However, his greatest strength is perhaps his stick-to-intuitiveness. His continuous focus on problem solving is astonishing. More than once, when we thought the deal wouldn't happen, David just unrelentingly kept going and made it work. On this most recent sale of our high-rise condo and the purchase of our new home, David navigated thru complex negotiations and last minute POAs necessary due to health emergency, while remaining calm, collected and professional. And his 1% sales fee saved us $35,000!"
Brian J
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As first time buyers, this was a daunting task. Everyone we talked to was a let down, when we started our journey almost 3 years ago. This was just a job for them, just numbers on paper. Then we found Seth! Our first conversation felt like breathing fresh air after being locked in a basement of worry. Seth has been amazing throughout our entire process! Any bumps or setbacks that arose was from an outside source (ie- the seller, even ourselves) and Seth remained calm, positive, professional and always put us at ease. We're beyond excited for our new home, but still a little sad because it feels like we're losing a friendship with Mr. Erickson. He was truly a God send, we've felt it since day one. One of the unexpected Angels here on earth to help keep life happy. I cannot say enough good about Seth Erickson and will forever be grateful for his hard work, his patience and his uncanny abilities to make stress feel like sparkles. I'm already recommending him to others; and will continue to do so, for I know that anyone who works with him will be taken under his wing and blessed beyond belief. Thank you Seth. Thank you can't even cover it.
Trevor S
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"Seth made what can be a stressful process, very easy. As a first time buyer, there was a lot I didn't know and he always took the time to explain everything I didn't understand. I would highly recommend him if you're shopping around for a home loan."
Chloe C
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"Seth was a wonderful lender to work with! Anytime we had a question he was very quick to respond. Him and the Front Range Heroes team are amazing-- 10/10 would recommend if you're looking to buy a house!"
Sean W
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"There was very effective communication and quick response time to any questions regarding the loan process. Seth made sure to explain everything thoroughly and was always willing to answer questions about the more complex parts of the load process."